italian seo copywriting

Italian SEO Copywriting

The italian seo copywriting consists in the drafting of texts web oriented to improve the positioning of a web site in search engines. The articles will be
SEO optimized, i.e. accompanied by keyword, meta tags (title tags, tag description, H1 etc.) and link optimized, but not only.

For an italian seo copywriter in fact, write of online content also means to realize a complete job interesting and able to communicate to the reader in a clear, effective and persuasive. A dual purpose therefore: optimize and make accessible online.

Quality Content and seo copywriting

For write perfect content for enjoying and online visibility, the seo copywriter must have very clear what features should have a content online:

Must be short and concise since the reading on the screen entails a lot more fatigue and hardly extremely long articles will be read until the end;
connected to the preceding point, also the simplicity of language is an indispensable requirement. Phrases very articulate or a language too drawn up may cause the player abandons the page;
must be optimized because, well written and interesting, any article must first be found in some way by the user.

In such cases it is useful to the SEO Copywriting

The work of seo copywriting in Italy is especially useful for internet sites that have the following problems:

Pages not positioned for keyword useful, who cannot therefore to vehicular traffic for the search keys related to the content of a web page;
time users too short and high frequency of bounce (data easily verifiable by interpreting the data of Web Analytics. In fact, if a user leaves your site a few seconds after you have visited, may mean that is graphically unpleasant or that the contents are not very interesting .

Web copywriting for sites and blogs

Writing content for a web site does not mean only create simple descriptions, but means produce texts that are able to communicate in a clear, effective and persuasive.

First of all it is necessary that these texts are designed in optical user, then that are slender, direct and easy to understand. To engage emotionally readers is important to psychological lever on their requirements and needs. At the same time, if you want to get a good visibility on search engines, it is essential that these texts are also optimized side SEO.

It is known that in order to achieve this dual purpose, the textual content of a web site must be original, of great quality and its semantics (the set of words and phrases and their meaning) must have a whole series of features that only an italian seo copywriter can expertly combine.

Our service of seo copywriting helps you precisely in this; we realize persuasive texts to help you get more conversions and to improve the optimization on-site of your site, making greater appeal for both users and search engines.

After an analysis of the relevant sector and understand your needs and strengths of your business, we identify the keywords more profitable and on the basis of those we realize the content on an ad hoc basis.

We also offer the service of web copywriting and Content Management for corporate blog or thematic blogs, planning the choice of the topics, the drafting of the content, the date entry and the online publication of the post just as an editorial staff. Do not make the mistake of publish duplicate content or of little interest, entrusted to the experts of seo copywriting and get maximum results!