italian google advertising

Italian Google Adwords Campaigns

You want your website is visible on the search engines in a short time? Would you like to increase traffic profile, the requests for quotes and online sales? Would you like to advertise offers or services of your company in certain periods of the year? You will need to promote your brand on sites of similar sector with your business?

The ideal solution for these needs is the advertising on Italian Google AdWords, more commonly known as the Pay Per Click (PPC). The name of this form of advertising is precisely to mean that you only pay on the basis of the clicks actually received from announcements, then in the face of a concrete result and measurable.

The main benefits of using Google AdWords in Italy are three: the rapidity in the activation of a campaign, the possibility of profiling the target in a manner very deep and flexibility related to the fact that this form of advertising is suitable for every type of budget.

Using this tool, it is in fact possible to appear in a few hours with of sponsored ads on Google (research network and display network), Google Mobile and on the various partner sites between which YouTube.

These ads in different formats are also directed to a specific target, on the basis of various factors (keyword searched, the language of the user, geolocation, site on which are browsing, device used, etc.). As if that were not enough Google AdWords enables you thanks to Remarketing, also risollecitare users who leave the site without having carried out a conversion, to push them to conclude the processes of contact or purchase.

AdWords it also reveals a dynamic advertising and flexible, which allows schedules in the modes and times more congenial to their needs, establishing a priori a budget of expenditure and an activation period.

By virtue of these merits, Google AdWords is the best investment also to match the classic SEO, both to increase the visibility for a set of keywords wider, both in the phase of scouting to identify the keywords more profitable in terms of visits, but especially of generated conversions.

Stefano SEO is a Google Certified Partner, decennial experience on Google Adwords!

StefanoSEO manages dozens of AdWords campaigns on network search and display, offering a professional advice to national and international customers, thanks to a strong experience in all sectors, including those more competitive.

Customers who avail themselves of our agency have security to rely to a Google Partner certificate with the necessary skills to plan and optimize AdWords campaigns highly performant, aimed at achieving concrete results and to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Choosing StefanoSEO for your campaigns AdWords, you can save time and money by making the most out of your advertising budget, because the handle as if it were our!

The steps of an Adwords campaign

Our professional advice for Google AdWords provides planning, setup, optimization and monitoring over time of the campaigns, work that is divided into the following phases:

identifying target users
Processing strategic plan to define the creation of campaigns search, display and remarketing
industry benchmarks and competitors

definition of targets and tracking setup conversions
Definition Average CPC, acquisition costs/conversion and daily budget
analysis and forecasting click/impressions/conversions on the basis of the established budget

3 – Create Ads and LANDING PAGE
creating advertisements for network search and/or display
Development landing page related to announcements

4 – MONITORING, optimization, reporting
periodical check of Campaign
Analysis of all the statistical data (impressions, CPC, CTR, quality score, conversions)
campaign optimization in optical maximizing ROI (Return On Investment)
Reporting of results obtained